Crystal Set 27Mhz FM Band 4 (27.145Mhz) - Yellow

by HPI

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Part Number: HPI-80654
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Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs.

Includes receiver and transmitter crystals.

For use only with 27mHz FM radio sets such as #80553 - HPI TF-10 TRANSMITTER (3ch / FM27MHz) and #80558 - HPI RF-10 RECEIVER (FM 27MHz / 3ch).

Also available are many spare sets of crystals:
#80651 CRYSTAL SET (BROWN BAND 1/FM 26.995MHz)
#80652 CRYSTAL SET (RED BAND 2/FM 27.045MHz)
#80655 CRYSTAL SET (GREEN BAND 5/FM 27.195MHz)
#80656 CRYSTAL SET (BLUE BAND 6/FM 27.255MHz)

FM radio sets can be installed in any RC car or truck for reduced interference compared to AM radio sets, however you will need to purchase an FM transmitter, FM receiver and at least one set of FM crystals.

HPI-80654 Crystal Set 27Mhz FM Band 4 (27.145Mhz) - Yellow
Part No.FrequencyFitmentFitment
27Mhz FM
Option Part
Standard Part

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