Novak Goat 3S Brushless Crawler System - 21.5T

by Novak

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Novak’s next-generation Ballistic motors have entered the crawling field. The high-performance Ballistic Crawler Brushless Motors – 18.5T (#3618) and 21.5T (#3619) coupled with Novak’s impressive Goat 3S Crawler Brushless/Brush ESC are expected to be two of the most sought after brushless crawling systems on the market. Because of their extreme versatility, the Goat 3S Crawler Brushless Systems – 18.5T (#3028) and 21.5T (#3029) can tackle all crawling conditions with a simple stator switch. Because the crawler-specific hardware is located outside of the hand-wound stators, drivers can replace the stators at any time to properly combat any type of terrain or course. The Goat 3S Systems also have the ability to run on either two or three-cell Li-Po batteries via Novak’s auto-detect software. Additionally, one of the three profiles is specific for worm-drive vehicles, which do not require electronic drag brakes.

The Goat 3S’s completely programmable interface is preset to excel in any crawler rig, whether it be worm-drive or standard vehicles. Simply install it, push the One-Touch button and the Goat 3S will easily maneuver through any terrain. The powerful speed control also comes equipped with instant reverse via Novak’s Zero Reverse Delay, which provides immediate power delivery in both forward and reverse directions. Additionally, the Goat 3S’s third profile features a fully programmable brushed motor option to allow for motor experimentation. But the versatility doesn’t end there, attach a non-crawling Ballistic motor and the Goat 3S will operate the same as Novak’s speedy Havoc 3S with forward, brake and reverse settings. The Goat 3S also includes everything necessary to operate, including a cooling fan for additional airflow and an external high-voltage three-amps switching regulator to provide six volts of output without overheating the speed control.

Novak's high-quality Crawling Sintered Tuning Rotor -- 14mm (#5950) is included with Novak's Ballistic Crawler Brushless Motors (#3618-#3619).

And like all Novak Ballistic motors, the Ballistic Crawlers contain heavy-duty solder tabs and a removable nine-inch shielded sensor harness. And by taking advantage of the Ballistics’ interchangeable wound stator construction, crawlers can simply replace the installed 18.5 or 21.5-turn stator for any available stator between 13.5 and 21.5 turns. The motors are also equipped with a custom-silicone gasket seal to keep dirt and debris from damaging the motors’ sensor plug. The Ballistic Crawler motors also include a Crawling Sintered Tuning Rotor - 14mm (#5950). The rotor’s large diameter and exclusive magnetic material provide the motors with more torque and stronger braking. It also increases natural drag braking and improves the motors’ initial throttle response, providing more control on steep climbs and downhill descents.

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