HAL2100 Autopilot

by Ripmax

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The Easy, Safe way to learn or advance your flying skills!

The HAL Auto Pilot controls the elevator aileron servos and will maintain, or
return, the aircraft to straight & level flight in the absence of any pilot
elevator/aileron control inputs.

So if a manoeuvre goes wrong and the pilot
is in trouble, simply let go of the sticks and HAL will return the aircraft to
straight and level flight. Once HAL has got everything under control, simply
try again, as soon as the pilot inputs an elevator/aileron command the aircraft
will respond.

We recommend that a Throttle Failsafe is
installed in every aircraft with a HAL 2100 Auto
Pilot fitted. Because HAL will return the aircraft
to straight & level flight in the absence of pilot
control inputs, if radio contact is broken
between the Transmitter and Receiver, the
model could potentially continue to fly until it ran out of fuel!

By fitting a Throttle Failsafe, when radio contact is lost, the throttle will
automatically cut to a predetermined setting and the model cannot fly away.

* Please note that whilst HAL is an excellent aid to new pilots, we do recommend that
it is used in conjunction with formal tuition from a BMFA qualified Instructor.

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