Futaba 14ch Combo PCM35 M2 R5014DPS

by Futaba

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Part Number: P-CB14MZ/L
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Futaba have taken radio control technology to a completely new level with the release of the new 14MZ system, leaving so-called competitors far behind. The 14 MZ is a revolution, not just an evolution of existing technologies, just look at some of the features – 14 channels, dual processors, 2048 PCM modulation, full colour touch screen, wireless frequency setting system, Lithium Ion transmitter battery and many more!

No longer will jet pilots, large model enthusiasts and other leading flyers have to struggle with a limited number of available functions, 14 functions allows for every function to be precisely controlled or mixed.

Utilising the unique G3 PCM 2048 code gives Futaba's renowned servos even greater accuracy, in fact twice that of PCM 1024 code. This combines with a frame rate 40% faster than the 9Z, the leading previous generationset, so that more data is transmitted in the same time, resulting in even more precise control and virtually instantaneous servo response.

To enable quick and easy access to the powerful software of the 14 MZ, Futaba have developed the most advanced colour LCD touch screen ever seen in a radio control transmitter.

A simple touch of the screen will take you directly to the menu you need, no more scrolling through menu after menu to find the one you want.

Features include a crystal clear 640 x 240 pixel HVGA screen, adjustable backlighting and contrast and transflective technology (layered transparent and reflecting surfaces to give optimum visibility even in daylight.

Included compact flash card for data storage and transfer, gives the ability to store up to 100 model memories and allows the upload of digital images of your models so that they can appear on screen when that model memory is selected. A further feature is the creation and storage of audio/music files, so that you can fly to music, or just listen to your favourite tracks between flights, alternatively you can act as your own aerobatic flight sequence "caller" by recording voice prompts.

The audio recording and playback feature means that you can record and store up to 24 voice prompts using the built in microphone, these prompts will then be allocated to specific switches or functions, so that when for example the retract switch is activated, the built in speaker will announce
"undercarriage up!" confirming the correct switch has been operated, and removing potential problems where the wrong command is given in a stressful situation.

Note that headphones can be plugged into the 14 MZ so that all audio/music can be heard without distraction by other sounds, and so that other pilots are not distracted by the audio/music output from the 14MZ.

Another major step forward is the inclusion of multiple outputs from one channel, allowing several servos to be operated by one control on the transmitter, even though they may be plugged into different outputs in the receiver, all this without requiring operation of a mix function.

Major Features:
• PPM, 1024 PCM and 2048 PCM transmission
• 14 channels
• Dual processors
• HVGA full colour LCD touch screen
• Wireless frequency setting system(WFSS)
• Lithium Ion transmitter battery
• Windows CE programming processor
• Compact Flash Card data storage and transfer
• Voice / music recording and playback
• Sticks with twin ballraces on each axis
• Replaceable switches (push, sprung, momentary options)
• World's smallest 14 channel synthesised receiver

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