Orion Avionics LiPo - 2100mAh - 11.1v

by Team Orion

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Cells: 3s 1p; Voltage: 11.1 V, Capacity: 2100mAh, Dimensions approx: 107x35x25mm, Weight: 174g; Max Discharge Current: 30C, Max charge current: 1C

Team Orion LiPo Avionics cells are the most powerful cells that are available on the market. impressive addition to the excellent performance, the LiPo Avionics by its compact dimensions.

The cells have a very high current carrying capacity at the same time a very high voltage level. An efficient batch process, have the LiPo Avionics packs very compact dimensions and low weight. By special connector inside the LiPo packs, there is a noticeable warming of the lower battery packs than standard Li-Po packs.

The use of LiPo batteries has now established a standard in the Sport model. With the LiPo Avionics series, we offer a finely graded range covering all common areas of the flight area. All battery packs are equipped with connection cables with large cross-section and high-quality silicone insulation and XH Balancer port.

• LiPo cells for high-performance aircraft and helicopters
• High current capability at high voltage level
• Compact dimensions
• Low weight
• Low heating by means of special connectors
• Large cable with silicone insulation
• XH balance connector
• Outstanding price / performance ratio!

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